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Grooming Angel Pet Salon ...see our Dog Grooming site at www.groomingangel.com

We are very excited to have placed #3 in King 5 Best of Western Washington 2010! Thanks go out to all of our wonderful clients and their loved pets!

16007 56th Ave. Ct. E. #4  Puyallup, WA 98375   Jan@CatGroomingAngel.com 

Call us  for more info and to schedule appts. at (253) 539-9200 

"Laurie" Owner/ Bather
Holding up one big cat !

Professional Gentle Cat Grooming  "Cats Only" now available 7 days a week by appointment 8am-5pm  


Experience makes a big difference ! Your cat will Thank-you Guaranteed!

"Jan" Owner / Groomer

We have been listening to our clients and have expanded our current salon by adding an EXCLUSIVELY CAT SALON for the comfort and safety of your kitties. To schedule an appointment please call us at (253) 539-9200 or 1-844-MEOWSER       

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Why Groom Cats?


It used to be thought that cats groomed themselves so well, and so didn't need any human assistance, unlike dogs.

Times have changed. Knowledge has changed. Products have changed.

Practices have changed.

Plump kitties usually need extra help with their own grooming "reach."

Aging kitties typically need help with self-grooming.

Cats know when they aren't completely clean, and appreciate it when you help them. You can see it in their obvious demeanor, after they've been bathed and groomed. Many are overtly appreciative with face licks and most purr contentedly.

But better health and avoidance of problems before they become worse is today the main reason we groom cats who are valuable to us.

- Dustmop and dust rag? It's true; her coat and paws are picking up some of what a dustmop or dustcloth picks up from your floor.

Licking and swallowing each day's dust and debris, chemicals, dirt, and loose hair is not the best practice for optimal health of any cat.

With regular brushing and grooming, most hairballs can be avoided.

Indoor cats need grooming assistance the most.

Long-haired cats typically need combing-brushing every other day, at home. It takes less than a minute, and can prevent mats - this is a must. Selecting the right comb and brush is important, and each cat's coat is somewhat different. You cannot judge by hair length only.

Short-haired cats are typically groomed professionally 4 times a year. Long-haired cats about every 6 weeks. Cats that are shown and those photographed commercially are bathed every few weeks at minimum.

- Help relieve dander allergies.

- Help reduce shedding in your house.

Also known as "Grooming Angel Pet Salon"
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